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Nobody expects to be charged with a crime. Unfortunately, it can happen to anyone. One mistake can lead to criminal charges, and leave you searching for an attorney. Some of the most common criminal charges include:

William Timmons began his legal career prosecuting criminal cases in the 13th Judicial Circuit Solicitor’s office. Timmons prosecuted thousands of cases including violent crimes, white collar crimes, various drug offenses and domestic violence. He is a Greenville native, and is dedicated to working with people throughout South Carolina who are looking for an experienced criminal defense attorney.

William Timmons, Serving Criminal Law in Greenville SC

What Happens After I’m Charged With A Crime?

After an arrest you will be taken in front of a judge to be arraigned and bond will be set. Depending on the type of crime you are charged with the bond could be a personal recognizance (where only your signature is required to be released) or a surety (which would require you to pay the court or hire a bondsman to be released). You have a right to have an attorney represent you at your bond hearing.

After the bond hearing, your attorney will request a copy of the police report from the prosecutor and, depending on the type of crime, you may have the opportunity to make a plea agreement. This may not be your best option, however. Understanding plea agreements is one way a lawyer can help you parse your options and decide how to best resolve your criminal charges.

How the process plays out depends on the crime you’ve been accused of committing and the legal avenues you and your attorney explore. No outcome is guaranteed when it comes to criminal law, and the chief concern of an attorney is to make sure you are protected.

Questions About Criminal Law?

Criminal law is complex. Being charged with a crime comes with consequences that affect your life. If you have questions or are seeking legal representation, call us at 864-616-1468 orĀ contact us online.