Our lead attorney, William Timmons, prides himself in his experience as a lawyer, entrepreneur, public servant, and leader in the community. He uses his diverse background in everything he does, and these various skills that make him a valuable asset to his clients. From building a business to assisting with Real Estate Developments to representing clients in legal matters, Timmons offers perspective few can match.

As a Greenville native, Mr. Timmons knows the community. He currently serves in the South Carolina State Senate as the Senator for District 6. He is active in the community, serving on several boards and owning multiple businesses.

We Know The Law

Part of our philosophy is that our legal experience permeates every aspect of Timmons & Company LLC. Mr. Timmons spent four years in the 13th Judicial Circuit Solicitor’s office, where he prosecuted thousands of cases, including violent crime, white collar crime and domestic violence. He is admitted to practice in the United States Supreme Court, as well as multiple lower Federal and State courts.

Mr. Timmons brings this legal experience to everything he does, from opening and operating businesses to securing and overseeing real estate development deals. Our goal is to offer services that cater to a wide range of needs that our clients may have.

We have the skills and expertise to help clients with a variety of needs. To find out what we can do for you, call us at 864-616-1468 or contact us online.


At Timmons & Company LLC, we have a straightforward philosophy. We bring expertise and experience to three core areas:

  • Law
  • Business
  • Real Estate Development

We have deep knowledge in each of these areas, and this knowledge enables us to work with a variety of clients in Greenville and throughout South Carolina. One of our fundamental principles is that the law affects many aspects of life. Working with a lawyer can make huge difference in how a business is run or how smoothly a real estate development deal goes from start to finish.

Experience Shapes Our Work

The knowledge we’ve gained comes from our time working in our core areas. Our lead attorney, William Timmons began his career as a prosecutor. He spent four years prosecuting a wide variety of state crimes and he was a member of the Federal Upstate Financial Crimes Task Force. He uses this experience to build quality legal defenses for our clients.

What sets us apart is our work on businesses and Real Estate Development. Mr. Timmons has developed property in Greenville, and is dedicated to growing the area through real estate development projects. He has dealt with the complex regulatory issues at the local, state and federal level, and offers valuable guidance in this area.

He is also an experienced businessman, having worked in an integral role in opening several local businesses. He currently owns and operates Swamp Rabbit CrossFit and Soul Yoga.